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What do you do when voiceover work drops off?

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Ok, no emails have come through regarding your VO services for a day...then 2 days! The first thing to do is to not to panic. Freelance work always has been a bit of a feast or famine affair, and when you are starting out, you simply won't have the large number of contacts that you will grow over the months and years, to ensure that there is never a lean period in your work input. This period of your life will come, I assure you, when you will have to turn down voice work as there is not enough hours in the day.

You may think that the summer periods and the Christmas and New Year holiday periods will be when there is less media work around, but that's actually not necessarily the case, and you may find that you get extra work during those periods, if you make yourself available when other people may be away, or not prepared to work. You could pick up a lot of voiceover work during the summer holidays, and over new year, when regular media projects needing their usual voice talent, are desperate to find someone to fill the slot when their regular person goes away. So do an extra boost of email marketing about June and November, this could really pay off.

Firstly, take advantage of the lack of actual paid work to take a restock. Check that your website is the best it could be, update and refresh your SEO and update your showreels if they need this.

The next thing to do, is to make sure that you are listed on as many decent free voice directories as possible. Yes, there are some which aren't all that active particularly for various accent types, but I can certainly suggest that the following ten free-to-join sites you MUST get on and upload your profile showreels there. I have a full updated list of other voice over directory sites, both free and the best paid-for ones in our Kindle and Print book Voiceover Masterclass on Amazon now, but these are the essential ones to get on. Don't forget to update your demos as you improve them, and also check the contact details are correct and updated as well. Many sites have a “on vacation” button as well; when you do go away, remember to switch your availability back on the day before you return.

Upload your free profiles on:

Note that the site is so essential to be on for all voice work, we have created a specific course on how to optimise your profile so maximise the work and the income that you get from it. Check out the recently updated fiverr course at

Next, get into the regular habit of marketing, at least 5 emails a day to completely new companies. Forget voice agents and voice agencies. You are targeting direct people who will hire and pay you direct. Target: Production Companies, Audio Production Studios, Video Production Companies, and so on. Now tourism is coming back in a big way, Google “Audio Tourism Guides” or be more specific “Audio Guides for Museums”… the whole world is out there and there are so many companies that need voice artists with their own recording facilities! Don’t stick on the first page of results, but find page 5, 10, whatever. A fee from a smaller company is just as good as a fee from a large organisation and will probably pay you quicker as well!

Of course you must a record of who you contact and when, you can either list details in an Excel sheet, or ideally you will use a CRM system. (Customer Relationship Management) Salesforce is a good one, or there is this one that is aimed at Voiceovers specifically:

Finally, two very important points. The English language is an international language so EVERY country will have needs for English versions of promo films and so on, so don’t only target English-speaking countries. Secondly you can dig incredibly deep on the web quickly by using

Good luck from us all here at

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Jun 25, 2022

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