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Contact me direct for a fast, fair quote and a free custom demo:

 UK  : +44 78 31 23 18 69

Note that I’m in the  United Kingdom timezone.  I am happy to work "late" for my North American clients!

I have a full subscription to Source Connect Standard and very fast 600 Mb/sec fibre internet.  My user name for Source Connect  is "peterbakervoiceover" . Please contact me to arrange a recording time.  

You can also direct me via Session Link Pro, Teams, Zoom etc and I can record in studio quality at my end.

I have a broadcast quality studio with top of the range U87 Neumann microphones and a Yamaha digital mixer for the best quality recordings. 24 or 32 bit WAV, AIFF or mp3 files at any data rate , the choice is yours.


With over 30 years experience and clients including big global organisations, you can trust me to follow your brief and give you a fast and efficient turnaround on the project.  Audio files are edited, optimised and non-broadcast projects are bought out - with absolutely no repeat fees.



How quick is the turnaround time?

Unless you’d like me to record with another voice such as my female partner, Katy Brody, usually the same day and in under 4 hours, I am often in the studio 7 days a week, (although I have been known to take short holidays!) with files sent by e-mail for by a large secure file transfer service.    If there are any problems with the recording, technically or editorially, I  will re-record at the soonest opportunity, at of course, no extra cost.   You can direct me via video Skype if you like  Skypename: peter,baker


What audio studio equipment have you got?

I have a broadcast quality soundproofed studio in the United Kingdom with two Neumann U87 microphones, a Neumann TLM 103, a Yamaha O1V96VCM digital mixer, 2 Marantz Professional Digital Recorders and I edit the recordings using Adobe Audition software. You can have files as either large.wav or .aiff files or .mp3 files at any data rate…most clients who want mp3s ask for 128kb or 320kb/sec, but it’s up to you. People usually choose the mp3 option if it’s for direct uploading to a website, Powerpoint use or for a phone answering service.  The larger wav or aiff files are better for smooth video editing or for mixing with other files.  I also use a variety of other professional studios around the UK.  I’m also a BBC trained video editor as well if you need me to sync up my voiceover with your video - please ask for details!

As an experienced professional voiceover, what sort of projects do you record?

I record a wide variety of material, including training video scripts and podcasts, audio books, commentaries for documentaries or corporate videos, web promotions, tourist audio guides, radio, TV & cinema commercials, exhibition videos, English versions of non-English films, even transport station announcements!  I can voice Standard (BBC) English, “International” English or Mid-Atlantic; there are audio samples on this site both on the HOME page and on the SAMPLES page.  

What do you need sent from clients before you record?

- A script, which is fully checked, please, especially if it has been translated into English.    Read it aloud yourself…does it make sense; is the grammar correct?  If English is not your first language, I will happily check this for free and make changes with your permission.   Are there any difficult or unusual pronunciations such as people’s names or place names I won’t be able to find out the pronunciation of?   Please write these words out phonetically for me please, send me links, links or why not send me mp3 files with you reading the word(s)  slowly and clearly.



Do you have a female voiceover partner?

Yes, I have worked with the talented Katy Brody for many years and she uses my studio for scripts that need a male and female voice.  Some of her showreels are below. 


If you just need her voice you are welcome to contact her direct and she does have a recording facility in her apartment.


tel: +44 77 89 30 37 83


Katy Brody

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Have you ever wanted to train to be a voiceover?

If you love using your voice, have a natural inclination towards acting, and are flexible, why not become a voice actor like me? 


There's plenty of work to go round for all styles of voices and accents.  Click the book "Voiceover Masterclass" above to read the book on your Kindle or e-reader.

I also have a variety of video-based training courses that are very comprehensive and not expensive. 


Click this link to find out more:

Or if you'd like to read an article about becoming a voiceover, click here!

Did you know I'm also a music writer?  Please check out my exciting rock musical!
More videos featuring the voiceovers of Peter Baker:
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