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Audio Books Recorded by PETER BAKER

The great thing about audio books, is that they’re more useful and more attractive to buyers; they can listen to your book in their car, on the train, at the gym, in their kitchen, wherever.    If you’re selling books of any kind, you really need to have an audio version of it available, because buyers are prepared to pay to have it!  


So what’s the difference between short and longer reads for a voiceover like me? Surely it’s just a case of reading for longer?  Well, no!  For “long-haul” voice sessions, it’s really important to keep the listener in mind throughout the recording.  Sometimes things written down come over very differently when read; you have to look out of these and adapt the ebb and flow of the pace of your voice to ensure the full meanings come across.  Plus the timings between sentences is important as well; using dramatic pauses correctly in reading novels, especially where there are different characters speaking.


With all my projects, YOU, the client choose the style and the speed you’d like me to read – there are plenty of examples on this page and on my home page. Then  after you have chosen a style, I’ll record the first page of your script and check with you it’s OK before tackling the rest.  This I do completely FREE of charge, and you’re welcome to walk away without owing me anything at this stage if you don’t like what I do!


Don’t forget that everything is recorded in a BBC-quality audio studio using a £2,000 Neumann professional microphone.  You’ll get edited, optimised files in whatever type of file you require.  If you are going to sell your book via Amazon / Audible / ACX, then I will optimise the technical characteristics for this platform.


If you want to keep all your audio book profits yourself, then you will pay £300 GBP (or equivalent currency) per hour of finished, edited, optimised material and you have all the rights, for ever.  If you don't want to pay a penny, please register your book on Amazon's ACX platform ( It stands for Audiobook Creation Exchange.  If you'd like me to read your book for 50% of the profits, convince me it has solid commercial potential.  We'll do the deal via ACX, and often authors wish they had paid me the buyout fee, as I often receive far more money in royalties!   It's up to you.  

£300 per finished hour is for projects of 5 hours or less. (About 45,000 words) Generous reductions are available for audio books that are over 5 hours in duration.

OR  subject to availability, I’ll record for FREE but we share 50 / 50 rights via the Amazon ACX platform.

Details:, and you can find me as a Narrator / Producer as "Peter Baker".


For an Audiobook, here’s what you need to tell me before I record it for you…


-  Firstly, can you confirm with me that you have the rights of the material to have it recorded?

-  Can you let me know about any unusual pronunciations, and that they are clearly marked up on the script?  Send me “Howjsay” or “Forvo” links if they are on there.  If not, send me your own mp3 recordings of the pronunciation.     What technical format do you require the mastered file(s) in?  .wav , .aiff,  or in .mp3 format at maybe 96 kb/sec, 128kb/sec, or 256kb/sec?  If it's for ACX or the BBC, no problem, I will know exactly. 


The benefits of asking me to voice your audio books:

- I’m totally professional and I definitely won’t let you down; give me solid professional direction and I’ll follow it.

- You own the rights of the files; the fee is a total “buy out” one.  No surprise invoices when you sell a million!

- All recordings are done in a broadcast quality studio and all files are edited with no re-takes or mistakes and fully technically optimised (normalised and lightly compressed) as part of the service.


QUESTIONS?  Call +44 7831 231 869  

or e-mail:


Here are some of the audiobooks I have recorded recently:

Pioneers Wanted - Philip Clarke

The Harding hall Mysteries - Ram W. Tuli

Cold Dead City - Ram W Tuli

Ghost Gun - Ram W Tuli

As Luck Would Have It - Ram W Tuli

Commercial Property Conversions - Mark Homer and Glenn Delve

Don't hire a software developer before you read this book - K.N. Kukoyi

The Prime London Property Puzzle - Jeremy McGivern

The Extremely Successful Salesman's Club - Chris Murray

The Berlin Airlift - Barry Turner

Multiple Streams of Property Income - Rob Moore, Progressive Property

The world without money - Mark Ranger

Breaking Away - by Cory Groshek

Sherlock Holmes - Season Tickets to a Crime Carnival - Pennie Mae Cartawick

Successful Examination Tips - Gary McKraken

The Harcombe Diet for Men - Zoe Harcombe

Ropesight - Bell Ringing training audiobook

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

Binary Option Trading for Beginners

The History of Bletchley Park - Christian Lendl

Igniting The Power of the Creative Mind - Ferdinard Lawson

Sentinals of Tzurac - James Raven

Who the Hell is Stokey Woodall? - Autobiography

Mental Resiliance - Kamal Sarma

Overview of Multiple Sclerosis - Various authors

Shadowbourne - Roger Norman

The Horse and Art through the Ages

Life After the PMP Exam - Phill C Akinwale

The Life Coach Program - Ross Lennon

Right Ho, Jeeves - P.G. Wodehouse

Homeland Survival Guide - Dan Taylor

...and many more!

I also need to know please...

For example, for a factual book, should I sound like the author, as if it were my own words, sounding natural and ad-libbing, or should it sound like a narrator reading a script?  For a story or novel, do you want every character to have a different type of voice or accent?  If so identify what you would like these to be.  


Many clients prefer a “straighter” read with little acting required.  To get inspiration, there are some excerpts below, or listen to any other audiobook you like and send me links to them.

If you need more convincing about what a great idea it is to convert your e-books into audio books, read on!


If you’ve written a magnificent e-book, packed with information, tips or is just an entertaining good laugh, it’s no good if nobody reads it.   Admit it, these days everyone is incredibly busy.  We have to make media more accessible.   If you had published your e-book with an audio option, more people would have had the time to listen to it on public transport, going for a walk, or on that tedious, awful long car journey; they would have told their friends about it and you’d get more copies sold.


But, guess what?  An audio version of your e-book, read by a professional voice artist, neatly edited with audio optimised by compression and EQ, and encoded as an mp3 or on a physical Audio CD, actually has a far HIGHER perceived value than a mere pdf text file.  Yes, the same material could make you even more money as an e-book publisher or internet marketer.  You’d be able to charge 25%, 50% or even 100% more for the same material.


So why not go back to your collection of e-books out there for sale on your own sites or on sale in the Amazon Kindle Shop and think how they could be enjoyed by the poor souls enduring a very long, desperately elongated journey.  

Simply find a professional voiceover artist; check out their voice samples to make sure their style would suit your e-book then get the best rate from them, ensuring you insist on a total “buy out” fee.  This means you don’t have to pay them anymore even if your audio book or podcast gets to number 1!  


Next, market your Audio Book; sell it on itunes or on the Amazon Audible site; there are many, many others, and make money.  Then next time YOU’RE on a long, long car journey, take a quick look at the drivers next to you.  

If they’re smiling, they could be listening to and really enjoying, one of your audio books!


Could I produce an audiobook for you?

Let me record your novel or your factual e-books or training manuals.    I can provide audio versions ready for uploading to, Findaway Voices or other platforms required.


I am an experienced BBC trained producer and I can create a professional, studio-recorded Audiobook from your novel; or convert your non-fiction e-books or training manuals into engaging and valuable audio versions.


Maybe you have written a series of existing e-books that you sell as Kindle books or as paperback, but if there are AUDIO versions available as well recorded by a professional voiceover in a broadcast studio, your assets are worth far more to sell on.

Podcasts and Audiobooks are a huge, expanding market.




Turn Your Book Into An Audiobook! Kindle

If you'd like more detailed information as to how to turn any of your books into audiobooks and the many choices that you have, plus the whole technical process, please check out my book available on Amazon as a Kindle or paperback and soon to be an audiobook!

Search "How To Turn Your Book Into An Audiobook" on your local Amazon Kindle store page.

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